About Me

Hi! Nice to meet you! I am the The Dreamer. Well, that isn’t my real name, but y’know. Anyway, here are some random facts about me, including some things I will be blogging about:

I am totally, completely, insanely, obsessed with dogs.

I love to move and play sports.

I love creative writing (which is why I started a blog).

I like deep conversations and ideas.

I hate shopping, especially clothes shopping.

I have an anxiety disorder, and some sensory issues that come with it.

I have Vocal Cord Dysfunction, which has nothing to do with talking, and everything to do with breathing. It has symptoms similar to asthma, except that it isn’t life-threating, (yay!) and has no good medication that treats it. (darn!)

I love chocolate.

I am an advocate for civil rights, disability rights, and LGBT rights.

I am interested in autism.

I read parenting blogs. I am definitely not planning on becoming a parent any time soon. Keep reading and this will make sense. Except for the part about me reading parenting blogs. That’s just Totally Abnormal. 😉

I have horrible handwriting, and I suck at spelling.

I am also an animal rights advocate.

And, finally:

I am a teenage girl.

Please don’t let that last line change your perception of the rest of this page. I hate most normal teenage girl stuff, such shopping and clothes and pop music and gossip. I don’t think this makes me an inherently better person, but it does mean that I tend to relate better to adults than most kids my age. I do have friends that are my age, though they are generally also “different” from the normal teenage stereotype. I am starting this blog for many reasons, but one of them is in hope that I can change the way our society looks at teenagers a little. As I said, I am a huge rights advocate, but I am often afraid of being brushed off for being young when campaigning for things. I want a way to find my voice, and I hope this blog can help me do that, while giving the world a bit of a glimpse into my world.

So, welcome to Totally Abnormal, a celebration of all people and things that don’t fit into boxes.


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