Totally Abnormal — A story explaining my blog title inspiration

Hi again! I’ve been quiet around here for the past few weeks. I started school recently, so even though I have a few posts written, I haven’t had much time lately to proofread. I’m hoping to start posting more often once I get into a good routine for school.

The following story written in children’s book form was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. In the part of the story where Brown Squirrel and Fox are talking, Brown Squirrel’s words in the conversation mostly represent my part of the conversation, and Fox’s words represent my friend’s words. This same conversation also inspired the name of my blog, so I wrote this story to give some explanation behind my blog name. Enjoy!

The Brown Squirrel dragged his feet on the ground and kept his head down on the way to school. He new what was waiting for him when he got there. Sure enough, just like always, he was met with teasing and taunting he received from the red squirrels at school

“How come you talk funny?” one of them would ask, with a mean tone in his voice

“How come you gather your nuts from the street instead of from the trees like us?” Another would pipe up, his mean tone hidden behind his fake innocent voice.

“Why is your fur brown instead of red like ours is?” A third asked, as the other squirrels burst out laughing.

“Why can’t you just be NORMAL?” several squirrels would chorus, all looking at each other deceivingly

Brown Squirrel slowly dragged his feet into the school, keeping his head down all through the long day.

When he got home, he ran to his friend, Fox’s house. He said, “Fox, what is normal? All of my friends keep telling me to be it, but I don’t know what it is. I like my brown fur. I like the way I talk. I like the nuts on the street. I couldn’t change any of it, even if I wanted to! And what is this “normal” they keep telling me to be?

Fox took a deep breath and sighed.

“Normal is something that the squirrels are always telling you to be, but no one really is.”

“No one? Not even them?” Brown Squirrel asked.

“Yup, no one. Not even them. They might even be telling you that because they feel bad because they want to be normal.”

“But if no one is normal, then how come they want to be normal?” Asked Brown Squirrel

Fox paused. “Why do you think it is?” he asked Brown Squirrel

Brown Squirrel thought for a long time. Finally, he spoke: “I think the concept of normal is flawed.” He said. “I think it’s something that everyone compares themself to, but no one ever is. Maybe the red squirrels want to be normal so badly that they tease me for not being normal, so they can feel better about themselves. But I’m not going to do that. I don’t see why I should strive to be something that doesn’t even exist.”

Fox nodded. “I agree with that. I also think that maybe something can be normal for someone, but not someone else.”

“That makes sense!” said Brown Squirrel “For me it’s normal to have brown fur, and to talk the way I do, and to gather nuts from the street. For the red squirrels, it’s normal to have red fur, and talk the way they do, and gather nuts from the trees.”

The next day at school, when the red squirrels began their usual teasing and taunting, instead of hanging his head and dragging his feat, Brown Squirrel lifted his head high, and shouted at the top of his lungs “I’m not normal, to you, but I’m normal for me. I like the way I am, and I’m not going to change. You all are normal for you, but you’re not normal to me, either. No one really is.”

Brown Squirrel ran inside the school without waiting for a reaction. He didn’t care what the other squirrels thought. He knew he was normal for Brown Squirrel, and that was all that mattered.


Photo Source – Chris Paul, Wikimedia Commons